Be REAL!: Your Ticket To Successful Fundraising

As a nonprofit, a lot of your work requires you to meet with potential and current donors, and explain why they should be funding your organization. You’re putting your heart and soul into your cause and you’re doing good work, but how do you show that to your donors? How do you pitch your cause effectively?

In order to help you develop and implement the right strategies, I’ve created the Be Real! course for you to take your pitching game and working relationship with your donors to the next level.

Through my course, you will learn how to show relevance in your work, be empathetic to your donors, speak from a place of abundance, and level up your fundraising as a whole.

You will learn:

  • How to stay relevant to donors year after year.

  • The three types of donors and how to speak to them.

  • How to discuss your mission from a place of abundance to secure more donors. 

  • The importance of being genuine and how not to treat a donor like a transaction. 

There is a short video presentation for each mini-course, plus downloadable resources filled with special tips you can use to tackle each topic and become a more successful fundraiser!

What People Are Saying:

I have to say that as someone who has spent my entire career thinking about how to better understand and relate to donors in more meaningful ways, Sybil's three-type framework deserves to be at the top of anyone's resource list.

Jason Lewis, Founder of Responsive Fundraising

$50.00 USD