Be Empathetic

This course allows you to step into the shoes of your donors by understanding what type of donor they are: Sustainer, Campaigner or Launcher.

You might be wondering how this applies to you since you already consider yourself empathetic. While it does take a certain amount of empathy and care to do the kind of work we’re doing, oftentimes we get so deeply involved in the details that we forget to take a step back and use that empathy when meeting with potential donors. 

By understanding your donors better, you will be able to pitch them more meaningful messages about your organization. They will feel more connected to your cause and understand why they’re a good fit for your nonprofit.


In order to understand your donors better, you will need to know if they’re a Sustainer, Campaigner or Launcher donor. 

The Three Main Funder Types:

Sustainer: They care about your nonprofit and provide general support every year, without too many strings attached. They believe in the work your nonprofit organization is doing, and they leave it in your hands to continue the good work. 

Campaigner: They are funding because they care about a specific societal issue and they want to see that you can help make an impact in that field. They want to work hands-on with that particular cause, rather than a particular nonprofit organization.

Launcher: They see a gap or problem that needs to be addressed, but no organization exists yet to tackle it. They want to bridge that gap by funding the creation of an entirely new nonprofit organization. 

In this course, I’ve included three different packets/plans which include outlines, talking points, and other information you need to be able to successfully pitch to one of these three types of donors. After watching and listening to my video don’t forget to also download the PDF resource.


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