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Transform the way you ask donors for money with my signature Pitch Perfection strategies. Learn how to avoid common messaging mistakes to craft a successful pitch that inspires funders to make your cause their own.

Are you concerned about…

  • Creating the best pitch to engage donors who have not yet supported your cause?
  • Keeping your donors interested in funding your programs year after year?
  • Receiving feedback from a community and coach to hone your pitch so you can raise money for the cause you care about? 

Sybil Ackerman-Munson of Do Your Good™ is here to assist you.

I know what it takes for you to land a pitch well. As a philanthropic advisor, I get pitched by hundreds of nonprofits a year. I know the mistakes to avoid so you can stop wasting your valuable time.

With my deep understanding of the funder mind, my coaching will propel your pitch to the front of the funding line so you can do more good in the world.

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Templates and Resources

Unlock your nonprofit's fundraising potential with my expert templates and resources.

You'll learn:

  • How to implement proven  pitching techniques that have helped nonprofits raise more funds.
  • What donors are looking for in a successful pitch. 
  • How to unlock a donor's mind so your cause becomes theirs.

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  • How to determine your donor's mindset and adjust your message to match exactly what they're looking for
  • How to avoid confusing language and common mistakes that make donors toss your pitch aside
  • How to capture a donor's imagination from your first sentence so they want to make your cause their own
  • The essential elements of a pitch that donors want to see before they donate (but won't tell you about)

You'll get feedback to improve your fundraising pitch even if you've created successful pitches before.

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A one-hour Zoom call where:

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  • I'll impart my insider knowledge of the donor mind, including pro tips and industry secrets that few people share.

A review and developmental edit of two of your pitch documents:

  • I'll provide feedback on how to shape the structure and message of your fundraising pitch so it raises more money.

A second one-hour Zoom call where:

  • We'll discuss in detail my developmental edits of your pitch documents. I'll tell you exactly why your pitch does or doesn't work. You can ask anything about how to improve it.
  • I'll help you solve your fundraising challenges, step-by-step.
  • We'll discuss how you can create a “roadmap” so you can more efficiently hone your pitch in the future.

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Here’s what nonprofit leaders and donors are saying about Sybil:

Natalie Fée, Founder of City to Sea

"I'd never really had the time to focus on major donors or philanthropy, but decided it was time to invest in that and join Sybil's Do Your Good Membership Program for Non-Profits. Literally within weeks of watching a couple of her previous recordings, and joining two online 'Ask Sybil' sessions, I noticed I was already communicating differently with potential donors, and in one week raised £10,000 using my new skills! If you're a non-profit or charity I highly recommend her work - it feels like a huge relief to have an experienced guide who wants nothing more than for me to be a hugely successful fundraiser!"

Judy Asbury Assistant Dean Communications and External Relations, Lewis & Clark Law School

“Sybil helped the environmental law faculty hone in on a strategy to present their work to external audiences. Sybil’s report sparked new ideas.”

Lesley Kane Szynal, Executive Director, Outdoors America

“Her sage advice and dedication to our strategies long-term goals was evident from the moment we started working together. Sybil is an outstanding asset, excellent communicator and we greatly appreciate her positive work ethic. Thank you Sybil for the guidance and helpful communications tools as we look to build the future of land conservation work.”




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