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As a nonprofit, you're putting your heart and soul into your cause and you're doing good work, but how do you show that to your donors? This course will teach you everything you need to know about being a successful fundraiser.

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Be REAL! Mini-Course includes the following lessons:

Be Relevant

You spend lots of time creating public-facing materials about your work, but you worry that donors are not actually paying attention. You may be right. Learn about the most important materials that a funder wants to see, and a special tip on how to get a donor to actually open and read your email. 

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Be Empathetic

You will miss the mark if you fail to have a clear read on the type of donor that you are pitching. Learn the differences between 3 donor types - a Sustainer, Campaigner, and Launcher donor - for maximum impact in crafting your fundraising message.

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Be Abundant

You may be turning the funder off by talking about your work too negatively. Learn the 4 strategies to approach your work from a place of abundance and opportunity.

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Don’t make the common mistake of turning off a funder by treating them like a bank transaction. Learn the 3 tips to approach a funder as a partner so that they will have a deep connection to your work.

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Who is Sybil?

From experience, I know it's possible to purposely give and make a positive impact on the world no matter how busy you are or how much money you have to give. I can show you how.

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