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Philanthropy Is What You Make It...

Whether you think of yourself as a philanthropist or not, acting on the desire to give, no matter the amount, is what the world needs more of. 

The world needs you to Do Your Good.

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Spend your time making a real impact in the world (not wasting time going down dead ends) with my step-by-step strategies to fund the issues you care about.

I'm Ready To Make An Impact

With all of the causes and nonprofits out there who thrive on the support of people with a heart, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to effectively give.


But it doesn't have to be.

Giving with Purpose: Make Your Money Matter

My self-paced starter course will show you what it takes to make a difference with all sizes of contributions. 

For over a decade I have supported people like you to create effective giving strategies worth over $45 million and counting. 

After years of working one on one with individuals to create their own personalized strategies for giving, I now see an opportunity to share my experience with more people like you.

Through my online starter course, Giving with Purpose: Make Your Money Matter, I will help you go from feeling ineffective and overwhelmed to instead using your money to be empowered to make a significant difference and to make the world a better place.


In 2018, the largest source of charitable giving came from individuals at $292.09 billion, or 68% of total giving

Source: Giving USA 2019

What Will You Learn?

    • You will get step-by-step guides for impactful giving 
    • You will learn how to connect your passions with your giving strategy
    • You will create a personalized strategy for your own special style of giving 
    • You will have direct access to the resources that allow you to waste no time in putting your personalized giving strategy into action
    • You'll learn how to validate your giving to make sure you don’t simply go into autopilot and lose your original interest in your planned giving strategy
    • You will learn how to make a true and lasting difference in the world

Every lesson includes an opportunity to receive personalized advice from the course creator.

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"Sybil brings a wealth of knowledge, a critical eye, and a compassionate heart to the work of philanthropy. Through her Do Your Good series, she makes philanthropy accessible to anyone of any means. She does more than help people support the causes they care about-she helps them connect to the joy of giving."

Mary Fifield, Principal, Kaleidoscope Consulting

Giving with Purpose: Make Your Money Matter Starter Course


Top features

  • Self-paced 6 week course featuring short & concise 5-8 minute videos. You can expect to spend no more than 45 minutes each week on the course content. You can spend more or less time, it's completely up to you!
  • Personalized interaction with Sybil to provide feedback on your giving strategy.
  • Beautifully illustrated lessons and guides.
  • Carefully sequenced lesson plans to help you discover your best giving strategy.
  • Interaction with instructor at the completion of each lesson.