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A step-by-step guide to effective philanthropy

This course will empower you with the tools you need to show up as your best self in support of your favorite charities and issues you're passionate about.


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Identify your Donor Type

Take the time to figure out your donor type so that you get the best pitch and don't waste time and money running down dead ends.

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Deep Dive Into Budget and Finances

Learn the top ten most important pieces of financial and budget information you should expressly ask for in order to save you and the nonprofit time. 

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Strategies to Join a Funder Collaboration

Many funders want to collaborate with other donors in order to leverage dollars and learn together about the issue you care about. But you want to be careful because you could easily end up joining the wrong types of collaboration. 

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How to Navigate Lobbying

You can fund advocacy, but there are special rules you need to navigate if you want a tax deductible donation in the United States. This lesson offers you tips and tricks to navigate this important issue with success. 

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Get the Real Scoop

You don’t want to be in a funder bubble and get the answer that the nonprofits think you want to hear. Learn the top 9 signs that you may be in a funder bubble. Learn the 4 tenets to live by to keep yourself out of a funder bubble so that you can continue to be the best donor possible.  

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How to Fund a Coalition of Nonprofit Partners

Have you ever had a group of nonprofits all come to you and tell you they are working together on a similar issue or project? Learn the key steps to take to fund coalitions the right way.

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What to Ask for in a Proposal

You will learn the most important items to ask for depending on whether you are a Sustainer, Campaigner or Launcher donor. You will want to review the training on how to identify your donor type prior to taking this mini course.

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Who is Sybil?

From experience, I know it's possible to purposely give and make a positive impact on the world no matter how busy you are or how much money you have to give. I can show you how.

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What Others Thought

Michele Goodman,

Executive Director JW & HM Goodman Family Foundation

For the past 15+ years, Sybil Ackerman Munson has been a trusted colleague and advisor to the JW & HM Goodman Family Foundation. Her in-depth knowledge of philanthropic strategies combined with her experience working on environmental issues have been a tremendous asset to our foundation. We are so grateful for all of the connections that she has made for us over the years. Sybil has a strong collaborative work ethic and we value her advice.




Sean Kosofsky,

CEO, Nonprofit Fixer


Sybil's course is so clear and well-organized that everyone will come away from it clearer about how to get started in philanthropy. The modules are accessible and fun and just plain excellent. If you want a primer or are just itching to get started in making an impact with your dollars, start here.





Fabiola Greenawalt,

Program Officer The Russell Family Foundation


Sybil is an authentic leader with extensive philanthropic and organizational development expertise. She approaches her work with a passion for finding the right solutions and strategies for the job at hand. Sybil has supported our work in various roles throughout the years and in her most recent role, she led the design of an inclusive consensus-based process that helped form a majority BIPOC collective effort that works to tackle various environmental issues in our region. Sybil is a skilled partner, strategic thinker, and amazing facilitator. I greatly appreciate the value that she has brought to my work.

Angelina Carleton,

Founder - Legacy Planning (c) Design Your Legacy


Help humanity survive and thrive. The strength of an idea only goes so far when you lack the right intel.  What do you need to know before, during and after your meetings to keep your cause alive?  How do you set yourself up to succeed with various relationships and teams in today's non-profit world?  This course will help you know what type of funder you are and/or what type of funder you are collaborating with.  Discover every insight you also need to know to escape the funder bubble.  Sybil's course will help you get ahead and become more effective with your philanthropy.  This course will work for you!

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