Guest Feature: How to Give Back to the Communities we Serve in Meaningful and Impactful Ways

Jun 15, 2022

Sybil Ackerman-Munson is a Philanthropy professional with over two decades of experience working with donors to establish best funding practices that will help them to avoid costly mistakes and instead make a true and impactful difference in the world.

She has helped donors give away over $45 million in large and small donations throughout the course of her career.

Sybil has worked with almost every type of charitable funder from smaller family foundations and public charities to individual donors. She has an active and prosperous career working with philanthropists and is eager to share her constantly evolving and up-to-date strategies that are fresh and insightful.

Profiles in Leadership Podcast

Dr. Steve Anderson is a storyteller and a lifelong learner who is deeply committed to helping leaders grow. Born out of deep-seated curiosity and passion, Steve launched his podcast as a vehicle for interviewing accomplished leaders who excel in building cultures and developing teams that create impact and deliver value to customers, employees, and stakeholders. In this capacity, he is able to tap into his experience as a CEO of a $75 million-dollar company and a 39-year career as a Physical Therapist to ask questions that produce answers for those at all levels – from entry-level professionals to seasoned executives – can learn from and build upon. Steve is known for interviewing guests from a wide range of backgrounds and digging deep to find “ Pearls of Wisdom” that can be put into practice as professionals looking to learn and grow. Steve is an Executive Coach at Orange Dot Coaching.

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