Guest Feature: Discovering Your Own Personal Giving Strategy (Sybil Ackerman-Munson)

Jul 16, 2021

Sybil was featured on the "We are for Good" podcast hosted by Jon Mccoy and Becky Endicott.

Meet Sybil. She's a non-profit purist on a mission: to help you do the most good when it comes to your personal philanthropy. It starts with building a personal giving strategy, aligning values and narrowing your giving goals. We're chatting about  how to channel passion, creating focus and giving away money with humility. We believe everyone - especially non-profit professionals - is important philanthropist. Start here, and let's allow our collective giving to improve our world. 


"There's an art to being a good donor. It's not just about writing a check, there is an art form to it."

Click here for the full details and to listen to the interview. 


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