#91 New Investigation Into a Wealth Generating Asset with Marc Beshears Owner of Top Wealth Agenda/ Bank On Yourself Professional®

Aug 22, 2022

Marc Beshears joins us to offer one idea we have not thought of before to increase wealth, which could then allow you more disposable income to give back to those nonprofits you care about most. Marc recounts his own experience of battling with financial investments, which led him to learn about life insurance as an asset... Marc discusses the benefits of using life insurance to support a donor's preferred charity. *Note: this podcast does not offer formal investment advice - please check in with your certified financial planner for final investment decisions.

Episode Highlights:

  • Marc’s personal story, and discovery of life insurance as an asset. 
  • Demystify the concept of life insurance as an asset
  • Using life insurance as a donor



https://topwealthagenda.com/, & bookwithmarc.com

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