#87 A Climate Change Visionary Shares his Story and Tips for Donors, with Steve Kretzmann Founder of Oil Change International

Jul 25, 2022

Steve Kretzman and Sybil discuss his involvement in combating fossil fuel development, his experiences around the world with Greenpeace and his inspiration to start an entirely new organization from scratch, called “Oil Change International.” Steve describes the path that brought him to work for the movement. He shares some first-person accounts from the front lines in Africa to underscore the human cost. Steve explains how donors can make sure they are advancing the cause rather than wasting time and resources.

Episode Highlights:

Steve Kretzman’s journey

Stories from the front line in Africa

How donors can cost more time and money instead of helping the mission succeed 



Oil change International - https://priceofoil.org

Twitter @Kretzmann


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