#80 How 9/11 Inspired Giving in an Unexpected Way, with Bob DePasquale, Founder, Initiate Impact

Jun 06, 2022

How 9/11 inspired Giving in an Unexpected Way, With BobDePasquale

Bob DePasquale joins us today to share how he helps families plan financial goals that incorporate great giving strategies. Bob’s strategy is not just about buying that yacht, but it's also about doing good in the world.

Bob, shares what led him to want to do business that will initiate impact, and the tools and tricks, and tips he gives clients to help them both plan for their financial wealth and be good in the world.

 Episode Highlights:

  • The personal journey that led Bob to see the importance of doing good.
  •  Instilling generosity and translating your passion in your own story to supporting families.
  • The importance of having core values. 

Links referenced in this podcast: 

  • If you’re interested in learning more about having a purposeful and fulfilled life you can hear his Podcast, read his book, and book an appearance on his Website. 

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