#79 Help Your Favorite Nonprofit Be Effective and Rock the Podcast World with Travis Johnson, President, Nonprofit Architect

May 30, 2022

Are you searching for effective ways to support your favorite nonprofits? In this episode, I’m honored to be joined by Travis Johnson, President of the Nonprofit Architect. As an experienced leader with a deep heart for the nonprofit sector, he shares his wealth of knowledge on how donors can engage in sustainable partnerships with their favorite nonprofits and help them create a significant impact on the causes they are about.

In addition, Travis and I discuss how podcasting can help both funders and nonprofits reach out to individuals and organizations and translate that desire to do good into direct actionable steps that serve our communities. Make sure not to miss out on this exciting conversation!


Episode Highlights:

  • Travis’ life story and why it motivated him to give back to his community.
  • Travis’ top advice for funders to increase their effectiveness.
  • Real-life examples of funders and nonprofits working well together.
  • The three key areas for Travis’ nonprofit funding strategy and podcasting.


Links referenced in this podcast: 

  • Looking to listen to more stories and words of wisdom from nonprofit leaders, experts, and consultants? Listen to the Nonprofit Architect Podcast hosted by Travis Johnson on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.
  • If you want to connect further with Travis Johnson and learn more about his work, visit his Linktree for more information and resources.


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