#78 How We Can Best Support Organizations that Fight Child Slavery with James Kofi Annan, President, and Founder of the Challenging Heights Organization

May 23, 2022

There is much more to funding than a donation– and it’s deep long-term support. In this episode, I’m joined by James Kofi Annan, a Social Entrepreneur, and the President and founder of the Challenging Heights organization that aims to protect and improve the lives of children in remote areas that have been subject to child trafficking and child labor through education and aid them in achieving a dignified future.

Make sure to listen in as James speaks about the realities of the illegal child labor industry, and how you can support Challenging Heights to make a difference in the lives of thousands!


Episode Highlights:

  • The beginnings of Challenging Heights.
  • James’ childhood, his life in slavery, and his escape.
  • How we as funders can help organizations like Challenging Heights.


Links referenced in this podcast: 

  • If you’re interested in supporting James and Challenging Heights in the efforts to rescue children from a life of slavery and trafficking, visit the Challenging Height’s website.


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