#68 When a Donor Is Inspired to End Injustice with Richard Leong, President, Two Tunics Fund

Mar 14, 2022

To try and enact long-term change on your own is a tall task. But philanthropy is not meant to be undertaken alone, and this is a belief my guest strongly believes in.

Richard Leong, Founding Member of Renewal Philanthropy, joins me today to share his personal journey in supporting survivor driven-change and what it means to him. He will also share his unique insights on the value of a funder collaborative called Renewal Philanthropy on bringing justice to survivors of systemic injustice and creating opportunities to leverage funding for greater impact.

Join us for this insightful conversation where Richard invites us to re-evaluate the meaning of generosity and find our motivation to be better givers and agents of change. Stay tuned!


Episode Highlights:

  • How Richard’s faith and being surrounded by generous people grounds him in his giving journey.
  • Why Richard's personal experiences with discrimination draw him to survivor-driven change.
  • The benefit of collaborating with other funders around survivor-driven change.
  • Richard’s reason for working with Renewal Philanthropy and what survivor-driven change means to him.


Links referenced in this podcast:

  • Visit Renewal Philanthropy’s website here to learn more about their commitment to survivor driven-change.
  • Check out “The Treasure Principle” by Randy Alcorn where he discusses how we can make our lives richer through the power of generosity. Purchase the book on Amazon here.


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