#64 Create Your Special and Lasting Legacy with Christy Boysen, CEO, and Monique Kleinhuizen, CMO, Apex Legacy Consultants

Feb 14, 2022

Estate planning is so much more than leaving behind assets. Our stories may end when we’re gone, but we still have the power to make an amazing difference in the world.

Christy Boysen and Monique Kleinhuizen, CEO and CMO of Apex Legacy Consultants join me today to talk about their thoughtful and comprehensive approach to legacy planning by celebrating the passions and values of families and individuals, helping them leave a lasting impact on the world through charitable giving to the causes they care about.

If you’ve been thinking of making a will but feel intimidated by the daunting task of estate planning, make sure to listen to this episode. With the right strategy, you can maximize your legacy potential for the benefit of your loved ones and the greater society.


Episode Highlights:

  • Christy and Monique’s personal journeys that ignited their passion for legacy giving.
  • What Apex Legacy does to help others leave behind an impactful legacy.
  • Strategies to develop a successful giving strategy after you have passed on.
  • How stories and words connect to charitable giving.
  • Christy’s stories working with families and how it translated to giving to nonprofits.
  • How to balance between a family’s desire to give to nonprofits and leaving behind an inheritance.
  • Christy and Monique’s final words of advice.


Links referenced in this podcast:

  • Visit the Apex Legacy Consultants’ website and learn more about their step-by-step legacy planning for individuals, families, and business owners.
  • Receive updates on giving-related legislation, tips/tricks, and info on legacy-related topics by subscribing to Apex Legacy Consultants' blog.
  • Check out Apex Legacy’s Consulting Packages where you'll work with a legacy consultant to get organized, assign key estate roles, understand and quantify your assets, and create a thoughtful, strategic plan that cares for your loved ones and makes a difference in the world.
  • Apex Legacy Consultants have a number of free webinars coming up in 2022, which will provide some great resources for families thinking about their legacy. Find more details here.


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