#50 Sybil Speaks: Support Nonprofits to Pay Staff a Fair Wage

Nov 08, 2021

How can you, as a donor, meaningfully support and care for the staff who are out there doing good work? In this podcast, I explore specifically how much nonprofit professionals are getting paid and how you as a donor can take the steps to support fair wages, and what not to do.

I’m going to talk about the two important approaches you need to take into consideration when navigating the topic of salaries and compensation. By doing so, you will be able to provide support from a place of abundance over the long haul while also avoiding the pitfall of coming in with a judgemental mindset.

As a donor who supports the nonprofit world, it’s important to equally contribute to the health and financial well-being of the staff who are out there doing the hard work on the front lines. Discover how you can do that by tuning into this week’s episode!


Episode Highlights:

  • Two ways you can make the staff of a nonprofit organization feel valued while simultaneously helping them feel empowered to ask for a higher salary range
  • The two main problems that occur when you, as a donor, judge how highly a nonprofit pays their employees


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