#45 How a Fabulous Donor Made a World of Difference for Cancer Survivors with Dana Dornsife, CEO, Lazarex Cancer Foundation

Oct 04, 2021

This week I have the pleasure of interviewing Dana Dornsife, CEO of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation. After certain events in her life caused her to shift her worldview, she went on a divinely inspired mission to give back to others by providing families suffering from cancer the support and resources they need. She offers us her insight on how fundraisers and donors can tackle challenges and turn them into opportunities to do better, learn, and grow.

I love that she has managed to create this connection to find a specific passion and do good in the world. Even as Lazarex has continued to grow and expand, she continues to be a living example of what it means to stay true to her mission and focus, and the importance of being truly engaged in the community and project you invest your wealth in.

We would love for you to join us for this inspiring conversation and learn more about Dana and Lazarex’ mission so please don’t forget to tune in!


Episode Highlights:

  • The event in Dana’s life that catalyzed the creation of the Lazarex Cancer Foundation.
  • The logistics behind her foundation and her compelling reason to give back with her newfound wealth.
  • Her story trying to navigate the nonprofit world as someone coming from a for-profit one.
  • Lazarex Cancer Foundation’s growth and funding strategy.
  • Her favorite story while serving at Lazarex.
  • Her words of wisdom on overcoming challenges and hurdles.


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