#35 Back by Popular Demand! Learn More Ways to Fund Indigenous Communities with Deep Respect and Grace with Jim Enote

Jul 25, 2021

Once again I have invited Jim Enote to the podcast, a Zuni indigenous member and current leader of the Colorado Plateau Foundation. 

With such an array of indigenous communities in the United States alone, it's important that we as funders learn how to best give them many diverse opportunities. With a plethora of knowledge and first-hand experience, Jim shares his knowledge and advice for funding these communities.

If you’re looking to find out ways you can help support the indigenous community even more then check out this week's episode.


Episode Highlights:

  • Jim’s background 
  • Why location matters when it comes to supporting our indigenous communities
  • The movement of young members starting nonprofits
  • Leadership and governance
  • What identity means to Jim 
  • What language means to Jim 
  • The best way to fund these communities 
  • The power of communication 


Our Guest:

Jim Enote, Zuni Indigenous Member

CEO Colorado Plateau Foundation

Board Chair of the Grand Canyon Trust 



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