#30 Sybil Speaks: Tips on How to Say 'No' Because You Can’t Fund Everything

effective funding effective philanthropy funder funding strategy Jun 20, 2021

One of the hardest things I do in my job is saying no to nonprofits I know are doing great work but they are just not a fit for the funding strategy I am supporting for my clients. There is no easy way to say no to a nonprofit but I offer you some tips and a pathway to make that rejection just a little easier on the nonprofit. I know you do want to make a difference but you just can’t fund everyone.

If you’re like me who struggles with saying no to amazing nonprofits, then this episode is for you!

Learn how to politely say no as I share the techniques I use to say no to nonprofits in a way that really helps them rather than leaving them frustrated.


Episode Highlights:

  • Be clear about what you are funding so it’s also clear what you are not funding.
  • Proactively choose how you want to approach nonprofits so that you can say no with clarity
  • Figure out your own best practices so that you are comfortable with offering a rejection and still keep a line of communication open


Links referenced in this podcast:

  • To know more about how to say no effectively, you can download my two-pager, Tips to Saying No, here!


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