#26 Learn To Support And Fund Indigenous Communities With Deep Respect And Grace with Jim Enote, CEO, Colorado Plateau Foundation

indigenous communities social justice May 24, 2021
#26 Learn To Support And Fund Indigenous Communities With Deep Respect And Grace With Jim Enote

Today’s guest, Jim who is a Zuni Tribal member, was already exposed to the injustices of this world at a very young age. As he became more aware and learned the asymmetry of power in our society, he was motivated and inspired to do something for the native people and other communities.

Join me in this episode as I interview Jim Enote, a Zuni Tribal member and also the CEO at Colorado Plateau Foundation, as he talks about his inspiration for philanthropy and how you can support indigenous communities!


Episode Highlights:

  • Jim’s motivation for entering the world of philanthropy.
  • Funding the gaps.
  • Being accountable to those that we are in service to.
  • Jim’s favorite grants.
  • How you can engage in supporting indigenous communities.


Our Guest:

Jim Enote, Zuni Tribal Member

CEO Colorado Plateau Foundation

Board Chair of the Grand Canyon Trust 



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