#25 Sybil Speaks: Get to the Heart of the Matter and Figure Out the Kind of Funder You Want to Be

funding strategy May 17, 2021
Get To The Heart Of The Matter And Figure Out The Kind Of Funder You Want To Be

Save yourself and the nonprofit you’re supporting some time and money as I share with you some of the mistakes I did as a funder and concrete solutions so you jump to the head of the line and don’t waste your valuable time and money.

Join me in this episode as I talk about how you can bridge the gaps and move things forward by identifying what kind of funder you want to be!

I created three types of funding categories that I believe most funders fall into and it’s critically important that you as a funder/donor know which one you want to be prior to interacting with nonprofits - and if you are a nonprofit person you need to know the type of funder/donor you are talking to in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Are you a sustainer funder? A campaigner? Or maybe you want to become a launcher funder who loves starting new things? Whatever type of funder you aspire to be, I’ll be sharing some tips you’ll need to approach nonprofits and the issues you care about, through the different funder lens to avoid unwanted mistakes!


Episode Highlights:

  • What makes a sustainer funder?
  • What is a campaigner funder?
  • What are the qualities of a launcher funder?
  • The differences between a sustainer, campaigner, and a launcher funder.
  • Why it’s important to know what type of funder you are.
  • Common mistakes for each type of funder.


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