#22 Unleash Your Digital Power and Magnify Your Online Presence as a Donor with Tim Kachuriak, Founder, NextAfter

digital fundraising digital media fundraising innovation Apr 26, 2021
Unleash Your Digital Power and Magnify Your Online Presence As A Donor

As donors we need nonprofits we care about to improve their fundraising through exciting digital media campaigns.

Whether you’re new to digital fundraising or trying to hone your strategy, today’s episode will surely help you in your giving!

Join me in this episode, as Tim Kachuriak, the founder and Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer for NextAfter, talks about how you can optimize your digital fundraising. The cool thing about NextAfter is they focus on how to support nonprofits to talk with donors specifically via online tools available to everyone through regular marketing strategies. 

Learn how Tim and his team are revolutionizing the way nonprofits talk with donors in this digital space as he shares how they’re helping nonprofits unleash their digital power and bolster their online presence!


Episode Highlights:

  • How Tim got into donor driven digital messaging.
  • What is NextAfter?
  • What is Mystery Donor and why it’s interesting.
  • Why should I give to you study.
  • Tim’s amazing success story.


Our Guest:

Tim Kachuriak

Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer, Next After



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