#20 Think Outside the Box to Do Good in the World with Anne Swayne Keir, Donor Advisor, The Swayne Family Foundation Fund, and Ashley Lukens, Development Advisor, Ashley Lukens Consulting

equity philanthropy self healing Apr 12, 2021

There are tons of ways you can give and support the cause you care about. And sometimes it involves bringing people together and working towards a single goal!

Join me in this episode as I interview two amazing funders, Ashley Lukens, an independent philanthropic and development advisor in Hawaii’ and Oregon, and Anne Swayne-Keir, Donor Advisor of the Keith and Judy Swayne Family Foundation, as they share their wealth of experience on how to make a difference to the community through your giving!

Learn how to become an effective funder today as Ashley and Anne share creative ways to help you give back to your community and do good to the world!


Episode Highlights:

  • Ashley and Anne’s personal journey into philanthropy.
  • Breaking up traditional philanthropy and thinking outside the box when it comes to your giving strategy.
  • Understanding an equitable framework for moving wealth.
  • Philanthropy is a journey of self-healing.


Our Guest:

Anne Swayne Keir, Donor Advisor, The Swayne Family Foundation Fund

Ashley Lukens, Independent Philanthropic and Development Advisor in Hawaii and Oregon


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