#19 Become an Effective Funder with Fred Ackerman-Munson, Executive Director, The 444S Foundation

activism environment funding strategy Apr 05, 2021

Join me in this exciting episode with my husband Fred Ackerman-Munson who I interview on this podcast because he is an experienced funder with lots of wisdom to share!

Fred serves as Executive Director of the 444S Foundation, and environmental grantmaking organization that supports the protection of big wild places. Previously, he was an activist with Greenpeace and then at Conservation Northwest. He weaves his past and present together through stories that will help you learn from him to be an even more effective funder and strategist.

Make a mark with your money today as Fred shares his funding strategies so you too can become an effective funder


Episode Highlights:

  • How Fred’s journey of becoming a funder began.
  • Fred’s experience and story about the Mississippi River.
  • What Fred is currently funding right now?
  • Fred’s favorite grants and campaigns that he funded.
  • The difference between a campaign and general support for an organization.


Our Guest:

Fred Ackerman-Munson, Executive Director of the 444S Foundation


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