#18 Learn to Invest Sustainably From a Leader Who Was There at the Beginning with Carsten Henningsen, President, Progressive Investment Management Corp.

giving strategy sustainable investing Mar 29, 2021
Learn To Invest Sustainably From A Leader Who Was There At The Beginning with Carsten Henningsen

Sustainable investing can be quite difficult and confusing if you didn’t do your homework. It means different things to different people. But if confusion is the thing that’s holding you back from plunging into sustainable investments, listen on!

If you want to make a positive impact on the world, support issues you care about, but aren’t sure how to do it, then make sure you take notes on today’s episode!

In this episode, I’m joined by Carsten Henningsen, a pioneer in the field of sustainable investing since 1982. 

Carsten is the President at Progressive Investment Management Corp., an investment management company that is focused on achieving excellence in social and environmental investing for the benefit of the world and their clients.

Contribute to making the world a better place today as Carsten talks about what you need to know if you’re looking to invest sustainably as part of your portfolio and giving strategy!


Episode Highlights:

  • Carsten’s personal journey into sustainable investing.
  • Sustainable investment strategies.
  • The inspiration behind Carsten’s Progressive Investment Management.
  • The challenges and obstacles Carsten encountered before and now.
  • Why you don’t necessarily have to give up any investment return in order to apply social-environmental criteria to your investment process?
  • Defining sustainability.
  • What is sustainable about the stock market?
  • Why sustainable investing?
  • Win-win examples of investing in (sustainable) companies.
  • Dos and don'ts of sustainable investing.


Our Guest:

Carsten Henningsen, Founding Director, Progressive Investments

Carsten is recognized as a pioneer in social and environmental investing having worked in the field for 38 years. He was the founder, former Chairman and CEO of Portfolio 21. He is a founding director of Community Friends and its Carbon Game education program for schools. He developed a land reforestation program recently nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He has served on the boards of The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment, 1000 Friends of Oregon Foundation, the Ecotrust Council, and 1Earth Institute. Carsten is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound and Nyenrode, The Netherlands School of Business.


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