#17 Walk the Talk and Support the Transition from Coal to Renewable Energy with Heidi Binko, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Just Transition Fund

coal mining environment impact philanthropy Mar 22, 2021

With the coal industry in decline, what will happen to the communities that’ll be left behind? What can we do to support them?

Join me in this episode, as I interview Heidi Binko! Heidi is the Executive Director and Co-Founder at Just Transition Fund, which is designed to help coal communities make a just transition to a new energy economy. 

With 17 years of philanthropic experience on climate, coal, and energy issues, under her belt, Heidi has worked with coal communities throughout the US and internationally in Australia. 

Learn how Heidi’s working strategically to help support communities that are greatly experiencing economic distress and what you can do to contribute!


Episode Highlights:

  • How Heidi’s personal and professional journey into philanthropy started.
  • What is Just Transition Fund and what is its relevance to coal communities?
  • Places that experienced the most economic distress.
  • Stories about how we can be strategic with our grants to support local. communities transitioning from a dependence on coal.


Our Guest:

Heidi Binko is Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Just Transition Fund

LinkedIn @heidi-binko


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