#16 Thinking Outside the Box to Promote World Peace with Al Jubitz, Patrick Hiller, and Lauren Forman

peace philanthropy war prevention Mar 15, 2021

Imagine a world where everyone is living in peace… and thriving. That’s not impossible! In order for peace and justice to prevail in this violent world, we need to unite.

Join me in this episode, as I delve deep into the topic of war prevention with Al Jubitz, Patrick Hiller, and Lauren Forman!

War is not inevitable. We can prevent war. We just need to learn to listen, understand and collaborate with peacebuilding efforts in all sectors of society. Learn how you can support and be part of the global peace system as Al, Patrick, and Lauren educates about viable alternatives to war and violence!


Episode Highlights:

  • Al’s personal journey to philanthropy.
  • Business principles that helped carry Al through creating a great structure with the word prevention initiative.
  • The difference between business and philanthropy.
  • Patrick’s personal journey and how he came about working around peace.
  • The main goal of the war prevention initiative.
  • How can you make yourself small but mighty?
  • The power of networks.
  • What distinguishes the war prevention initiative from other public charity nonprofits.
  • Lauren shares her experience working as Al’s executive director.
  • Peace polls and other projects.
  • Al’s family foundation dynamics.


Our Guests:

Lauren Forman, Executive Director, The Jubitz Family Foundation

Patrick Hiller, Executive Director War Prevention Initiative

Al Jubitz, Trustee & President, The Jubitz Family Foundation, Co-Founder & Honorary Chair Rotarian Action Group for Peace


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