#14 Exceptional Advice from a Seasoned Philanthropist with David Secord, Founder and Principal, Barnacle Strategies

funding strategy philanthropy Mar 01, 2021

Make the most out of your giving today as seasoned philanthropist David Secord shares advice on how to be the best funder you can be!

David Secord is the founder and principal of Barnacle Strategies, a consultancy that works with foundations, environmental and Indigenous NGOs, and academic institutions. Before entering the world of philanthropy, David was a full-time professor at the University of Washington.

Join us in this conversation as we talk about principles of philanthropy so you can make a difference, have an impact, and support the issues that matter to you!


Episode Highlights:

  • How David got into philanthropy.
  • What it's like funding two different countries.
  • Nonprofits that David have had long-lasting relationships with.
  • Advice for people who are starting out in their funder journey.
  • Tough times as a funder and how to navigate your way through it.
  • The joy of philanthropic work.


Our Guest:

David Secord - Founder and principal of Barnacle Strategies

LinkedIn @Dave Secord


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