#13 Overcoming Personal Adversity to Help Thousands of Kids and Make a Meaningful Difference in Philanthropy with Duncan Campbell, Founder, Friends of the Children

adversity children philanthropy Feb 22, 2021

When a child/youth feels that they are heard, they are empowered.

Our guest for today learned how to overcome his personal obstacles and is now a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who helps kids who went through a similar situation when he was young.

Join me in this episode as I talk to Duncan Campbell! He created this amazing initiative to help kids overcome the obstacles in their lives. He is the founder of Friends of the Children, an international nonprofit organization for children and youth to achieve their goals! 

Learn how to launch a successful initiative in philanthropy, as Duncan shares his personal story!


Episode Highlights:

  • What inspired Duncan to go into philanthropy.
  • What is ‘Friends of the Children’ all about?
  • Duncan shares his childhood story as his motivation for doing good in the world
  • What being a friend means.
  • Matters that stressed and kept Duncan at night.
  • The art of being there.
  • What is Campbell Global and the unique model that Duncan created?
  • How Duncan’s experience as an entrepreneur helped him with creating Friends of the Children.


Our Guest:

Duncan Campbell - Founder of Friends of the Children, Director of The Campbell Foundation; Founder and Retired CEO of Campbell Global


Friends of the Children website www.friendsofthechildren.org


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