#12 Be Inspired to Support the Grassroots with Pam Fujita-Yuhas and Zoe Rothchild, Foundation Directors, NW Fund for the Environment

environment funding strategy grantmaking grants grassroots Feb 08, 2021

In this episode, my good friends, Pam Fujita-Yuhas and Zoe Rothchild, join the show to talk about supporting grassroots organizations in Washington State! What they discuss applies well beyond their geography and offers valuable learnings for anyone interested in supporting grassroots organizations.

If you’re already funding an environmental initiative or planning to, then this episode is a must-listen for you!

Tune in as Pam and Zoe, the grassroots grantmaking experts share wonderful concepts and ways to be an effective grantmaker!


Episode Highlights:

  • What is NWFund?
  • Why supporting grassroots organizations is important.
  • How job-sharing helped both Zoe and Pam have a great balance in their life.
  • How to be an effective grantmaker when you’re funding smaller grassroots organizations.


Our Guests:

Pam Fujita-Yuhas - Nonprofit Philanthropy Leader

LinkedIn @Pam Fujita-Yuhas

Zoe Rothchild - Foundation Director at NW Fund for the Environment

LinkedIn @Zoe Rothchild


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