#11 Pearls of Wisdom from a Thirty Year Philanthropist with Ann Krumboltz, Executive Director, Brainerd Foundation

giving strategy philanthropy Feb 01, 2021

For a lot of philanthropists, the concept of spending down is nothing new but it’s still outside of what is normally practiced. But what does it mean to spend down? 

In this episode, I interview my good friend, a seasoned philanthropist, Ann Krumboltz! 

Ann is the Executive Director of the Brainerd Foundation. Join us in this conversation as we unpack pearls of wisdom from her 30 years of philanthropic experience! Find out what it takes to “spend down", stay grounded and open-minded, and build trust as you fund important projects!


Episode Highlights:

  • What brought Ann into philanthropy.
  • How to have a lasting impact, important impact, and still spending down?
  • Why did Ann’s trustees decide to spend down?
  • Ann’s experience with fundings that didn’t work.
  • Evaluating your grants and where to focus?
  • 7 Key lessons from 30 years of philanthropic experience.


Our Guest:

Ann Krumboltz - Co-Director of The Brainerd Foundation



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