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Starting Out? Launch your funding strategy with confidence. 

Explore the following resources specifically curated for those who are just starting out:

Identify your Donor Type


Discover your donor type and empower yourself to make a meaningful difference on your own terms. Check out our resources to learn more about the Sustainer, Campaigner, and Launcher donor types:

✅ Written materials



Go Deeper 

Dive into in-depth information on essential philanthropic topics to enhance your philanthropy and donor capabilities. Our collection of resources is regularly updated, so remember to revisit often! 

Explore the following hot topics for effective philanthropy:

Measuring success in your giving strategy: Learn how to determine if your donations are creating the impact you want.

✅ Disaster philanthropy: Learn how to support nonprofits effectively when disaster strikes. 

✅ Donating to Indigenous communities: Discover how to approach giving to Indigenous communities in a respectful and impactful manner.

✅ To spend down or not to spend down: Explore the considerations surrounding spending down your philanthropic assets. 

✅ Participating in philanthropic networks: Gain insights on how to effectively engage in philanthropic networks. 

✅ Leveraging public dollars with private donations: Discover strategies to maximize the impact of your private donations by leveraging public funds.

✅ Trust-Based Philanthropy: Center your giving on Trust-Based Philanthropy principles for greater effectiveness. 

The Rise of Donor Advised Funds and Pooled Funds: Learn about the three types of DAFs, their pros and cons, and the reasons you might use one as part of your giving strategy.

Eliminate overwhelm and burnout in your giving strategy: Learn about the cause of donor burnout and a simple process to overcome it.

Geek Out with Training Videos


Enjoy educational and engaging training videos featuring industry experts:

How to read and interpret a nonprofit organization's 990s

Keep checking back, as our library of free fact sheets and special training videos is continuously updated!